Chlorine Handling Accessories

Chlorine Handling Accessories

The chlorine handling accessories offered by us are fabricated from quality material and are used in various chlorine handling equipment. Valves are used in containers as well as tonners. The drip leg heater boost the flow of chlorine whenever is required. The chlorine test kit is used to determine the chlorine content in the water. The safety showers minimize the injury in case of any accident. These equipment are safe, dimensionally accurate and leak free. We also provide customization as per the requirement of client.

Chlorine handling accessories includes:

  • Drip leg heaters
  • Chlorine test kit
  • Cylinder keys
  • Copper tubes, clamps, connectors, valves
  • Trunnion roller supports for tonner
  • Safety showers and chlorine cylinders
  • Chlorine cylinders


Safety Showers

We offer a range of safety showers as an essential first aid safety equipment. The safety shower is very reliable when it comes to minimizing injuries in the event of an accident. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, the safety shower is a must have in the scene.

Chlorine Cylinders

New brand Chlorine Cylinders capacity We offer new brand chlorine cylinders in different capacities like 10kg, 50kg, 100kg and 900 kg. Our range is fabricated as per is:7681 quality standard. The bigger containers that are more popular as “tonners” are manufactured in conformance to the british quality standards (BS : 1500).

Trunnion Roller Supports

The trunion roller supports for tonner facilitates the ton container by revolving the tonner with the use of a crane. Further it prevents corrosion in chlorine containers. Roller supports for tonners is vital for a longer functional life and increased efficiency.

Electronic Digital Chlorine Leak Detectors

We manufacture an array of Electronic Digital Chlorine Leak Detector which is consist of Low cost to Remote Indication, Bright LED Digital Display, Electrochemical/Solid state Sensors, Optional 4-20 mA isolated re-transmission. The water treatment is carried out in this equipment through adsorption and diffusion method.

Following are the salient attributes of Electronic Digital Chlorine Leak Detectors:

  • Reliable
  • Easy to handle
  • Sturdy
  • Accurate measurement
  • Economical
  • Durable

Online Chlorine Analyzers

We offer a range of online direct display residual chlorine analyzers ranging between 0-5 PPM. Sensor based on orp milivolt 4-20 ma dc, it features micro process control circuit and automatic controller to PPM. Effective with continuous monitoring, It functions at an ambient temperature of 32 degree Celsius.


  • Online direct display residual chlorine analyzer range from 0-5 PPM
  • Sensor based on orp milivolt 4-20 ma dc, micro process control circuit, automatic controller to PPM
  • Ampient temperature 32 degree C
  • Continuous monitoring
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