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We are well known in the field of manufacturing and supplying of water testing and water treatment equipment such as automatic pump controller, liquid level controller, etc. These include Vacuum Feed Gaseous Chlorination Plants, Water Testing Equipment and Water Treatment Plants & Equipment.

These equipment/plants fabricated using quality raw material such as plastic products, PVC, UHMW, brass, stainless steel, haste-alloy, mild steel and carbon steel. Further their flawless construction standards also makes them efficiently perform in areas like Commercial, Municipal, Breweries, Swimming Pools, Urban and Rural water supply schemes and private sectors.

We also provide refilling service of Chlorine Cylinders & Toners and annual maintenance of Chlorinators.

Vacuum Feed Gaseous Chlorination Plants
  • Vacuum Operated Floor
  • Mounting Chlorination
  • Vacuum Operated Direct
  • Cylinder Mounting Chloriators
  • Vacuum Operated Pedestel
  • Mounted Chlorination
Water Testing Equipment
  • Chlorine Test Kits
  • Aqua Ph Test Kits
  • Electronic Digital Nephelo Turbidity Meter Electronic Digital pH Meter Electronic Laboratory Flocculators ( Jar Jest Apparatus )
  • Chlorine Emergency Kits
Water Treatment Plants & Equipments
  • Electronic Automatic Pump Controller
  • Electronic Digital Liquid Level Indicator / Controller 3
  • Electronic Digital Loss of Head Indicators for Filter Beds
  • Electronic Digital Rate of Indicators for Filter Beds and Raw Water Channels
  • Electronic Digital Chlorine Leak Detectors

We also hold specialization in meeting the demands of:

  • Vacuum type direct cylinder mounting, pedestal mounting & floor mounting gaseous chlorinators
  • Chloro disc - Chlorine comparators & pH comparators
  • Electronics Digital & Mechanical Loss of Mead Indicators for Filter Beds
  • Electronic Digital Type Turbidity Meter & Turbidity Scale (Portable type)
  • Electronic Laboratory Flocculator 2,4 or 6 stirrers
  • Mechanical & Electronic Digital Liquid Level Indicators
  • Automatic Pump Controllers
  • Electronic Digital pH Meters (Hand Held & Table Top)
  • Electronic Digital Rate of Flow Indicator for Raw Water Open Channels and Filter Beds
  • Electronic Digital Chlorine leak detectors
  • Chlorine handling equipments
  • Chlorine gas mask with cannister
  • We also deal with Chlorine cylinder & toners
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